Tripharm Agency (Pty) Ltd was registered in 1987 and began operations in May 1990 as a pharmaceutical wholesaler by Vernon Smith, Maud Boikanyo and Craig Smith. This directors brought in the concept, capital, marketing and Sales. The business grew rapidly and in 1995 it was able to buy its own premises on Moshoeshoe Road, Industrial Area Maseru Lesotho.

In 1999, a decision was made to diversify into manufacturing and Tripharm Manufacturing (pty) Ltd was registered. Tripharm Agencies now produce more than 60 different pharmaceutical products and pack sizes.

In 2005, a retail pharmacy was opened. The company expanded its directorship through the engagement of Mthimkhulu Khohlokwane from April 2008 who brought in the expertise and experience in manufacturing. Cosmetic products were also added to the range of pharmaceutical products. In 2010, we opened the Pioneer Center Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy with medical aid and credit card facilities connected to the Link Group of pharmacies in RSA, in the Pioneer Mall.

Our range of cosmetics are also listed with Pick n’pay and Masscash(Browns Cash & Carry and Maseru Cash & Carry. In early 2012, we listed with Shoprite Group (Shoprite, Ok and USave with 10 stores in Lesotho and later we listed with Massmart (Game).

We supply cosmetics only in Lesotho markets presently but we would like to enter the RSA market as soon as we can increase out production capacity

Quality Assurance of our products.

We have and in-house testing laboratory which ensures that our products meet the right standards before being distributed to the market. we further send our products to National University of Lesotho for further testing.

Achievements and Awards

In 2015, We made such an impression to the shoprite group that we won a regional award for up-and-coming suppliers during the groups Big Brand Competition and we were also nominated for national awards.